Natural Weightloss Program for Women at Menopause

Where we do something different than eating less and exercising more

This program is for you if you

  • have so far failed to lose all the weight you desire
  • want to lose weight without spending hours on exercise
  • are ready for some precision weightloss tools
  • want to look and feel fabulous
  • want to protect yourself from premature ageing

Maybe you believe that weightloss is difficult at menopause because, so far, you haven't succeeded in losing all the weight you want. That's probably because you've neglected to work with your hormones that are changing at menopause, wreaking havoc with your metabolism.

Maybe you've been putting yourself through gruelling exercise programs to no avail; the weight is still there. Doing more of what hasn't worked in the past is not going to get you the results you deisre in the present. You have to do something different.

If you've been counting calories and depriving yourself of food to lose weight, it's sad to say that you may well have been wasting your efforts because too many calories is not your real problem. It is how you metabolize what you eat.

Follow this custom-made weightloss program and lose weight by accelerating your metabolism and burning fat as well as sugar.


When you embark on your weightloss journey with me, it is to keep the weight off, not have it creep back on you when you least expect it. You'll learn sustainable weightloss and how to eat healthily so that being on a diet will be a thing of the past. This is not a diet. You won't be doing anything that you cannot continue doing for the rest of your life.

You'll still be enjoying food. You will still be able to eat with family and friends without compromise. This is natural, healthy weightloss with no strange supplements or ingredients. You'll still be eating what you enjoy most once we get your metabolism into gear so that it can start metabolizing your fat reserves instead of demanding sugar.

It is a new way of working with your hormones so that they stop stocking the calories that you eat and start metabolizing them efficiently. I can help you get to the goal you desire even if it is releasing those last 4 obstinate pounds that seem to stick to you no matter what you do.


The program is for anybody who's not suffering from chronic illness or reduced mobility. This being said, if you've got thyroid problems, this could very well be what your thyroid has been craving! Book a time for us to talk about where you're at RIGHT NOW and where you want to be. Together we can find a solution.


Once your payment has been processed, you'll receive a purchase confirmation email. Please leave an email address that you can access easily because this is where you'll be receiving all the course material. MAKE SURE that mails from don't end up in your spam folder. You will also need to be able to play videos on your device and download documents in a .pdf. format.

If you've ever been on a calorie-restrictive diet, you've slowed down your metabolism

#1 -  Carla

has never been on a diet She can eat 2475 calories per day without gaining weight. Her metabolism is working at full speed.

#2 - Aurora

has just started her first calorie restrictive diet. She's has boarded the diet roller coaster and can only eat 2225 calories per day. If she goes back to eating 2475 kcal, she'll gain weight.

#3 -  Jessica

has always been on some sort of diet so her metabolism has learnt to function in slow motion. She can only eat 1980 calories per day without gaining weight

If you find this to be frustrating for Aurora just think of Jessica! She's missing out on the pleasure of 500 kcal per day! This becomes really annoying if you like food and know that 500 kcal mean

  • 1 chocolate pastry
  • 2 helpings of apple pie
  • more than 150g/5 oz French fries
  • 100g/3.5 oz dark chocolate
  • more than 6 glasses of wine!!!

Is this how you've been depriving yourself?

If so, let's stop!

#1 -  Weightloss without restrictions 

Stop your food cravings and heal your relationship with food. It's difficult to lose weight when you're constantly hungry. It's impossible to resist the food you love when you have been depriving yourself and feel depleted. That's why you'll be developping a new relationship with food.

#2 -  Knowing what works for you

Take the guesswork out of the equation. You'll get off the diet roller coaster and find exactly what works for you. There are so many other actions you can take to lose weight than to eat less and exercise more. I'm here to support and guide you.

You might be upset with your metabolismfor working at snail pace but it genuinely thinks it's doing you a favour by skimping and saving, never using too much energy on anything, making sure you've always got something stacked away!

#3 -  Developping new habits

You will build habits that will last a lifetime and become second nature. You too can lose weight and keep it off. Not only do you have to retrain your metabolism to work more efficiently, you also have to reprogram how you think about your body, your weight, food and exercise.

#4 -  Hormones at menopause

If you're approaching menopause or you're already there, you'll know that hormones can be bothersome. You'll be losing weight WITH your hormones, understanding how they work. Fringe benefits include: good, restorative sleep and less food cravings. You'll just be feeling less hungry!

This program is entirely accessible online. If you want to lose weight, you could start it NOW


When you purchase the program, you'll receive an email. This email explains your first action steps and invites you to book your first appointment with me.


When we meet up online, we'll custom-make your exercise program and meal plan. We'll make sure to start where you're at NOW so that you can have immediate results.


You'll receive your exercise program in the shape of videos. Videos that explain the how to as well as the science behind. You'll also receive follow-along videos where you can just press PLAY and do the exercises with me. Exercise is limited to 8 minutes a day.


Depending on your desired result and your body type, we could add some cardio to your resistance training. It is important for me to know what exercise you're already doing so that we can stop what's not working and start what will.


We'll be meeting up five more times, once a week, ideally (I know that life sometimes happens and that we are not in control). I will be holding you accountable and tweaking your program for optimum results; we don't want it to take longer than necessary.


During the six weeks of the program, I'll be popping into your inbox with tips & tools, insights, things to ponder, but more importantly, with motivation, making sure you follow through so that you will get to see the results you so long for. You're not alone.


You'll still have access to all the training videos! You'll be able to use the knowledge you've gained on how you metabolize different foods so that you will maintain your new weight or go on losing weight if you so desire.

I am Katrine Horn

"I love feeling at home in my body. I adore being thin enough to wear what I choose. I want to be healthy and in shape so that I can I go hiking, bike across France, play tennis or dance through the night whenever I feel the desire to do so. I don't want to feel limited in what I can do, even at menopause. I want to enjoy life to the full. Don't you?"

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Here is what some of my weightloss clients have said: 

"At last a program that allows you to shape your body the way you've always wanted it to look. Not only have I lost all the weight I wanted but I have also learnt how my mtabolism works so that I won't ever need to go on a diet again. I never thought tis would be possible with only 8 minutes exercise per day. I can now see the contours of my muscles underneath the skin. This feels amazing."

THANK YOU, Katrine, for being there for me. I will always be so grateful for what you helped me become." Yolande d'Ingrando

"What I most enjoyed in this program was that I didn't have to deprive myself of food. I could go on enjoying all my favourite foods without feeling any guilt. Although I wasn't able to do the full exercise program because of an earlier injury I still lost a lot of weight and I feel so much better now. Thank you, Katrine."

Bhairavi Mahadevia

"This program changed my lifestyle completely, physically, mentally and also healthwise.

Physically, with only 8 minutes exercise per day, I learnt how to exercise efficiently and got more results from these 8 minutes than I got from hours of exercise in the past.

I also started planning out my day, a habit that has totally transformed my outlook. I was able to release stress and feelings of guilt around food and my body.  

I'm going to continue the program because I have come to love this lifestyle. I never would have thought I'd be able to lose so much weight without depriving myself."

Ivone Lozio