Allow Yourself to DREAM again

8 beliefs are getting in the way of you living your dream.

Do you recognize any of them?

  • I don't know exactly what I want so I can't pursue my dream
  • My dreams are completely unrealistic, people tell me so
  • If my dreams were possible, I should already be there
  • It's too late
  • I have no idea how to get started pursuing my dream
  • No time. Too many priorities: family, work, mortgage... it's endless
  • The burden of expectations from family and society is simply unbearable
  • Other people can do it; I can't

Do you sometimes daydream and if so do you use this as rocket fuel for living your dream life? We get to experience everything we desire when we allow ourselves to dream, to dream big, and to use this as motivation and inspiration for taking action steps towards our dreams.



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Let me show you how to make your dream your reality:

Once you commit to making your dream your reality, it is as if a veil is lifted from your eyes. From a psychological perspective, your selective attention will be able to notice what before you overlooked. You'll be getting rid of feeling confused, unsure. Breathe that in, AH.

You will be developing laser-sharp focus on what you want, your mind’s eye will be able to zoom in on what your dream looks like in detail so you won't have to waste time on what you don't want (shiny objects).

You will be shifting your identity, meaning you'll be showing up as who you truly are, getting rid of what is no longer serving you (people pleasing, living up to expectations, feeling guilty for putting yourself first).

You’ll have boundless energy, fueled by purpose. On the other side of decision lies infinite energy, the sort that leaves you inspired.

Meghan was part of the June version of Dream Design. Here's what she says:

"I am so glad I took the Dream Design course! It was packed with very helpful and insightful lessons. One of my biggest takeaways was that there's no need to wait for your dream - you can bring elements of it into your life starting immediately! That was a huge shift in perspective for me. I am so grateful to Katrine for her presence, thoughtfulness, and relatability!"

What are your guilty pleasures and outrageous fantasies?

Living in your dream is not a free event: it will require effort and the reward is deepfelt pleasure, healing and growth.

You will feel ready to do things you never considered before. You will no longer stall and wait to make a decision when faced with an opportunity. You will respond easily, elegantly and effortlessly, cutting through the over-thinking.

Free from mediocrity, you become an inspiration for others.

You become increasingly aware when your top priorities are being neglected.

Here's what I'll be teaching...



Your dream as seen from the heart. We are not seeking to have a swimming-pool, a cool car or one million dollars in our bank account. What we are seeking is so much more. We are seeking to express all of who we are. Module 1 will reveal to you what you're really desiring, beyond a mansion, a gorgeous body or a trip to Hawaii.



To keep you moving towards your dream, you want motivation in unlimited supply. I'll be guiding you through a process that enables you to get fired up with inspiration so that you can keep your momentum going, making your dream more and more accessible as you see it take shape and let yourself get really, really excited about it.



First thing first, resistance just is. We can get terribly worked up about it or we can accept it and learn from it. We’re going to do the latter. Becoming aware of your resistance is like lifting the veil that has been obscuring your vision. When you see it for what it is, so much more becomes possible. We'll get rid of the self-talk that makes believing in your dream difficult so that you can enjoy the process of designing your dream.



You're now ready to design your dream. You've got all the tools in place to make your dream a reality. In Module 4, you'll be designing your roadmap to fulfilling your dream and then you'll be COMMITTING. Vision, motivation, design and commitment is what will take you from just dreaming about it to really living it.

This Is What You Get

  • Crystal Clarity on what your dream is (and that is what you MOST desire, not your "nice to have")
  • New beliefs about its feasibility and your ability to do and be what it takes so that you can STOP the self-doubt
  • Your roadmap to your dream, in TINY actionable steps taking the overwhelm out of it and allowing you to develop momentum
  • Accountability on your commitment to follow through making short shrift of procrastination
  • New, gorgeous energy, passion and commitment

All this is yours to delight in through

  • 4 Video Modules (replays availble)
  • 4 Q&A Sessions (replays available)
  • Guided Meditations (MP3)
  • Pdf Workbook
  • Some journaling and showing up for yourself

There are 4 Video Modules. We'll also be meeting up LIVE for Q&A sessions four times so that we can troubleshoot what is not working for you and get you back on course. You can either participate LIVE or send in your questions ahead of time if you can't make it LIVE.

You'll have life-time access to all this material so that you can go back over it at your convenience. You'll also have access to future updates to the program in the shape of more guided meditations, videos, exercises and live coaching.

This is what Regina Thomashauer says about pleasure:

“If you neglect to produce pleasure in your life, your body produces stress hormones instead. Increased depression, irritation, sadness, loneliness and anger. Decreased libido, learning and memory, suppressed immune system. It increases blood pressure, decreases bone density and causes weight gain and raises cholesterol, and heart disease.”

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When the WHAT is strong enough, the HOW is easily found

"Your dream is just SO unrealistic, you might as well forget about it." This is what I was told by my parents and teachers when I said I wanted to emigrate to the UK to go to music college. "I know other people have done it but they had talent," is what I told myself.

I went ahead and did it anyway, despite all these voices because I had nothing to lose. However, as you grow older, it becomes more difficult to ignore well-meaning people who warn you against your dream because you often have something to lose.

This is why it is important to cut through all the noise, the noise of often well-meaning people who tell you it can't be done and your own negative thoughts that tell you you aren't the person who can do it.

This is a moment where you have to trust. If you start with the HOW, it'll stop you because you don't know how to do, be or have your dream. That's OK, because nobody knows how to get to their dream before they are there.

Once they are there, they'll know the way there because they'll have done it. Before, all we have to go on is TRUST, trusting that our pleasure will lead us there.

Some people ask me:

What if I just want to be happy?

The thing is, you'll never be happy as long as you deny yourself the right to pursue your dream. My job is to convince you that you deserve it and that you can do and be what it takes.

What if my partner, friends and family don't like my dream?

Sometimes we're not doing a good job at explaining our dreams. If you practise explaining your dream, what it is and what it means to you, anybody who truly loves you will be thrilled for you.

The reason they need some help to understand is that they themselves don't have the same dream and can't put themselves in your shoes or, they are frightened because they believe your dream might take you away from them. All you have to do is to reassure them.

Can I do the course later?

Of course; we'll be offering it to you in 2022. Make sure you leave us your email address so that you'll receive updates on the program and all the free content. You'll be the first to know when Early Bird pricing starts.