STRESS DETOX For Peace of Mind, Increased Joy & Emotional Freedom from STRESS

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Pause here and ask yourself: "What would my life look like if I developed a different relationship with time? One that would allow me to connect with my loved ones, do what I enjoy most and get more done into the bargain? What would my life feel like if I suddenly had the time for the important and wasn’t always rushing to catch up with the urgent?” 

Have you been looking for a way to help you slow down and find out what is REALLY important in all the things you do and what you’re doing just to get by? Why wait to do something about it?  

Or maybe you know the changes you want to make, but it just seems to be so overwhelming and impossible to get started on. Stress Detox will assist you in both taking stock AND in changing the way you’ve been taking action. In 4 compact, online video modules with a workbook to keep you on track, you’ll learn just that!

If you'e got the feeling that you're ticking off the boxes without enjoying what you do, if you're feeling disconnected from your loved ones, unable to focus on the important things in life, if you're constantly feeling anxious but can't put your finger on exactly what's the matter, the STRESS DETOX Course is for you.

STRESS DETOX? Just what I need.

STRESS DETOX - Make Sense of What You Do

Have you lost the joy? Are you going through the motions without a deepfelt connection to what makes you happy?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, forgetting half of what you should be doing, neglecting what you want to be doing?

Are you losing sleep because stressful thoughts and feelings take hold of your mind, preventing you from finding peace?

Do you feel guilty when you say NO to your boss, to your children, to your friends? Or have you forgotten HOW to?

What You Get With the STRESS DETOX Course

You'll learn easy to implement tools for mind management, allowing you the freedom to no longer worry and to allow much more peaceful and joyful emotions to surface. You'll increase your productivity without forgetting the solid self-care that goes into any joyful & successful life, at work as well as at home.

The 4 video modules include how to


so that you can concentrate on the important stuff and get the urgent done on time, without the stress, without the overwhelm, allowing YOU to sleep peacefully.


so that you’re always running on full batteries and feeling justified in saying NO without the guilt or fear of not pleasing.  


that will leave nothing undone and allow you to connect to the joy you used to feel in doing what you most love. 

Learn at Your Own Pace 

Once your payment is processed, you'll receive instant access to all the modules. 

This includes

  • a 22-page workbook 
  • 4 one-hour high content videos
  • and if you purchased it, your 101 Life Re-Design Session

What will happen when you enrol in the STRESS DETOX Course? 

Once your payment has been processed, you'll receive an email with all the material for the course. Please white list the address This is where all the course information will come from. 

Sessions last 1 hour. You'll be able to download your workbook for each session that will help you follow along and also help you implement the action steps taught in the course. Should you have any questions, please pop over via email to 

Are you READY to change your relationship with time? 

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  • By confirming your purchase you acknowledge having read and accepted our Terms of sales as well as our Management and Storage of Personal Data ( Privacy Policy ).