On demand video course to eliminate stress from your life so that you can live on purpose, with joy, energy and ease.

Pause here and ask yourself:

"What would my life look like if I developed a different relationship with time? One that would allow me to connect with my loved ones, do what I enjoy most and get more done into the bargain? What would my life feel like if I suddenly had the time for the important and wasn’t always rushing to catch up with the urgent?” 

Have you been looking for a way to help you slow down and find out what is REALLY important in all the things you do and what you’re doing just to get by?

Or maybe you know the changes you want to make, but it just seems to be so overwhelming and impossible to get started on. Stress Detox will assist you in both taking stock AND in changing the way you’ve been taking action. In 4 compact, online video modules with a workbook to keep you on track, you’ll learn just that!

  • Get rid of the busyness
  • Stop procrastination
  • Start feeling good about what you do
  • Plan ahead
  • Learn how to recharge your batteries
  • Discover what the most efficient use of your time is
  • Make room for pleasure
  • Manage your emotions for more joy, connection and love

Oh, the guilt! When you take action out of guilt, when you operate from a sense of "I have to", first of all, you don't get the results you desire. Secondly, there's no joy in it.

You can't tolerate having a guilty conscience and feel happy at the same time. What you can do is get clear on what is important to you so that you can eliminate what isn't, leaving white space for doing what you most love, what makes sense to you and what brings you joy.

In STRESS DETOX, you'll transform the energy with which you do everything. Instead of having guilt drive you, you'll have pleasure motivate you. Imagine the things you'd get done if you felt motivated, if you were inspired! This will allow you to not only get more done but you'll also discover how to do it joyfully.

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STRESS DETOX - Bring Back the Joy

Have you lost the joy? Are you going through the motions without a deepfelt connection to what makes you happy?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, forgetting half of what you should be doing, neglecting what you want to be doing?

Are you losing sleep because stressful thoughts and feelings take hold of your mind, preventing you from finding peace?

Do you feel guilty when you say NO to your boss, to your children, to your friends? Or have you forgotten HOW to?

STRESS DETOX Course Content:

Module 1

is dedicated to stopping the busyness and the senseless doing. You'll discover what motivates you and how you can dial down your tendency towards perfectionism and stop proving your worth.

Module 2

Here you'll be creating some self-loving discipline. You'll learn how to powerfully empty your mind leaving it free to create instead of fret. You'll be putting some firm boundaries in place to protect your time and energy.

Module 3

To help you plan and organize, you'll develop your own Daily Energy Budget. Energy might be limited so you want to use it where it creates the most happiness. Gone are the days where you would slavishly go from one task to the next. You'll be choosing your focus and clearing energy drains.

Module 4

You'll be eliminating your go-to-worry-thoughts and learning how to focus on what is good, what you like and what gives you pleasure. You'll also be creating new, empowering beliefs that when you cultivate them will change your reality. Grudges are no fun to hold so you'll let them go along with all the blaming and the shaming. What a relief!


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